‘Don’t Go There’ Book Synopsis

martin-resizedDon’t Go There is an honest account by Martin ‘Jim’ McFadden of his long battle with alcoholism. Martin gives an excellent insight into the dark reality of addiction and how alcohol controlled him, damaged him, almost killed him – and did kill many of his friends. In 1986, aged 23, Martin suffered horrific injuries after being involved in a road traffic accident and spent three months in hospital fighting for his life. After surviving against all the odds, Martin received a substantial compensation and, being an alcoholic, went on a continuous bender. He continued to live life like a ‘wild man’ with both hilarious and devastating results. Three years later Martin was penniless, in the midst of the horrors and had reached rock bottom. Martin explains:

“I was haunted by demons, demons that would not let me rest. I couldn’t settle in a job, a relationship, or even a place. I was on the run and fuelling my paranoia with alcohol; I would walk away from someone I loved in favour of a drink. But this is also the story of my recovery. Who or what saved me then?”

The book is also an addictive read and the honest stories of wildness and debauchery will keep you laughing through the hideousness of the darkness. Martin ‘Jim’ is a remarkable individual, with a remarkable story, told in a truly remarkable way.

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